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STEM Careers Posters

A set of 66 STEM Careers posters to develop children's knowledge of the range of STEM careers available to them.

Hip Stars

Scientists at the University of Oxford are investigating the link between sporting activity in young people and the development of osteoarthritis. In very active people, bony lesions can form on the hip joint which increases their risk of developing the condition.

In this activity students apply what they...

Perfect properties

The development of the jet engine is engineering at its most extreme. In this activity, students analyse data to choose materials with suitable properties for different parts of the jet engine.  

Learning Outcome

  • Students learn how to analyse data on material properties to choose...

MRI brain briefing

In this activity, student groups become multidisciplinary teams of hospital staff working on new leaflets or videos to help patients prepare for MRI brain scans.  Through the activity, students enrich their understanding of the brain as an organ, and apply their knowledge of magnetic fields and the magnetic effects...

Fossil findings

This activity is based on the work being carried out at The University of Oxford where researchers are using x-ray tomography (CT scanning) to visualise and measure the 3D structures of fossilised organisms that are still encased in rock.

Students will classify modern day vertebrates before repeating with...

Cool blades

In this activity, students learn about heat transfer from jet engine turbine blades. The blades reach temperatures as high as 1000 ºC. How do the blades cool, and how do scientists measure the rate of cooling at such high temperatures?

Learning Outcome

  • Students learn how to...

Defying Gravity

The 2013 Institute of Physics Schools Lecture - Defying Gravity: Laura Thomas, an independent science communicator with a background in astrophysics, talks about the physics of space flight. She explains how studying physics and mathematics could help towards a career in space. Magnets in space: The astronaut...



I have produced food science posters for our classrooms to help with keywords.

I will attach the powerpoint and PDF version.

Hopefully it will help save you some time - please keep an eye out for future resources.


Lucy Wise.

St Pauls School - Milton Keynes...


A range of downloadable classroom posters to support learning in science, computing and engineering. They link to curriculum topics including: forces, light, circuits, space, weather, transport, materials and robotics. All of these posters are updated and the collection is added to on a...

Confucius Quote

This Pedagogics resource uses the following quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius: "Tell me...and I will forget. Show me... and I will remember. Involve me... and I will understand"


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