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Problem solving challenge: Buildings and fire safety

In this 5 hour STEM Clubs teaching pack students examine ways in which communities can put measures into place to make sure people and properties are safe, and look at how the IoT can bring additional benefits to this safety.

It is recommended that, prior to this activity, students have been introduced to...

Buildings and fire safety

In this one hour activity, students evaluate the types of fire risks in different buildings.  In the context of a team which has been contracted by the local council to improve fire safety, each team picks a building type and produces advice for the council.

Problem solving challenge: using design and the Internet of Things to improve fire fighter safety

This five hour teaching pack supports students to research, design and prototype their own Internet of things product to enhance the working lives of firefighters.

Students are asked to work towards a CREST Discovery Award by exploring the needs of a modern firefighter, researching their...

Fighting fires with the internet of things: Design and technology one hour activity

This one-hour lesson introduces the Internet of Things to students, through the context of fire fighting.

Students explore the user needs of a modern firefighter and how different Internet of Things technologies could improve their equipment and safety. Students investigate different products...

Making Circuits

This progression toolkit develops understanding of the key concept of making circuits, as part of a topic on simple electric circuits. This key concept helps to build broader understanding about electricity and magnetism, which is one of the big ideas of science education at ages 11-14.

It includes...

Textiles: Eco Design

Tom is the Creative Director for outdoor eco-clothing brand, Finnister. Their customers not only want clothing which looks good and performs well, but also which reflects concern for the environment. In the film clip, Tom explains what eco-design means. He is always looking for new types of...

How to Save the Planet and Be Cool

In this Science Museum video, the Punk Science team show some of the changes needed to help prevent climate change, focusing on reuse, recycling and reducing waste. Many ways of reducing waste are shown in the form of a photo diary. The issues of food miles and vehicle emissions are also addressed.

One Planet Packaging

These materials, from Waste Watch (part of Keep Britain Tidy), have been developed to make explicit links between sustainability and packaging for students following GCSE level design and technology courses. The scheme of learning includes suggested activities for five active learning sessions, supported by the...

Circular Economy Introductory Kit

This card game and supporting resources, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, are designed to introduce the concept of the circular economy. Working in groups, students analyse the life cycle of a simple product, such as a bottle of water, and compare it with the cycle of growth, decay and new growth that is...

Activity 6: Rethinking Textiles Products

This activity, for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, looks at textiles in fashion design. It provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and understanding of a circular economy approach to developing textiles products and how textile companies are applying this approach to developing new products...


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