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Rochester Bridge Trust Learning about Bridges Education Kit

The Rochester Bridge Trust was founded in 1399 to provide a crossing over the River Medway in Kent.  The Trust still provides free bridges today.  The Trust is passionate about bridge building and wants to encourage young people to find out more about bridges and become as enthusiastic as we are!  


Sigma Science Christmas Booklets

These two seasonally themed booklets support many aspects of science for primary learners. The activity sheets could form the basis of practical work in class or be used to revise various topics. One booklet provides activities aimed at younger children, the second at older learners. the activities are:


Extremes of Temperature

This resource looks at extremes of temperature on the Earth, and inside and outside the International Space Station. Students must find data, draw bar graphs and perform conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Key Stage Three: Anthrax Lessons

In this resource from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)'s Seeing Science website, students use data and evidence to identify a mystery disease, watch a cartoon on the history of vaccination which will allow them to answer questions on Jenner's work and role play the outbreak of a 'new' disease...

F1 in Schools: Design and Technology - Specification

In this session, students start to plan the creation of their team’s car by writing a specification for its design. Before starting the brief for their own car, students are encouraged to use the “Guess the function” activity from F1 in schools Curriculum Resource to relate function and form. From this starting...

F1 in Schools: Science - Streamlining

This session involves conducting an experiment to discover how shape affects the movement of a solid through a liquid, which in some respects is similar to the movement of cars along a racing track. This session can get very messy, but it is great fun.

F1 in Schools technology challenge

In teams of 3-6, students aged 9-19 design, build and race model formula one cars powered by a compressed air cylinder.

The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and...

Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 3 Resources

These activities have been developed to give students an opportunity to experience the kind of thinking that underpins innovation and project development at Brompton Bicycle. Each activity focuses on a different design characteristic and presents students with a brief requiring them to explore current design...

Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 1 Resources

This resource, aimed at children ages 5-7, contains five design and technology projects that focus on bicycles. Children evaluate bicycle designs, then design and make: bicycle parts and accessories for characters from a book, teddy or for a particular purpose. Throughout the activities, children are encouraged to...


These diagnostic questions and response activities (contained in the zip file) support students in being able to:

  • Describe how gravity acts on objects near to the Earth

  • Describe how gravity acts towards the centre of the Earth (or other astronomical body)

  • Describe...


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