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This resource includes data on blackbirds caught and ringed in a single garden in the UK across a period of several years. It includes interesting background information on the migratory habits of these birds, and the characteristics of European and ‘British’ resident birds.

The data, which is a rich source...

Geometrical design

This resource helps students to recognise geometrical shapes and their properties.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.

This is Engineering: How I got here

These video iare a brilliant introduction to an engineering event, assembly or presentation.

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.


This is Engineering: Helping the environment

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working to save lives and save our planet. "Save energy, save materials, save lives. Some of the biggest challenges we face stem from how we interact with our environment, and engineering is at the heart of finding sustainable solutions. From renewable power...

This is Engineering: Helping people

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working on solutions to help people. "Engineering makes a difference to all of our lives, and that also means helping those most in need. Whether through making buildings safer in the face of natural disasters, developing medical technologies that detect and...

The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Origami

Origami with squares

Solar panels are an important part of satellite design. There are design constraints on the distance a panel can be from the core of the satellite. In order to increase the area of the panels, satellites of the future may well deploy panels other than rectangular ones....

The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Coolant tank, fuel tank and engine design

All the resources listed here are aimed at the age group 14 to 16, except for the "Space for Engine" resource. 

Coolant tank design

Making efficient use of physical space and of materials is a central theme of many engineering problems. In this challenge students...

Targeting cancerous cells

Professor Rebecca Shipley leads a team developing tools to understand the structure of cancerous tissues. She was inspired to start working in engineering because she wanted to work on innovations that can make a difference to people's lives. In the video she talks about one of her current projects, understanding...

Stemming the flood

Hiba Khan keeps people's homes safe from flooding and erosion. She works for Mott MacDonald, keeping people safe and healthy by protecting their homes and environments. In this video she talks about a project in Bangladesh that is combatting river erosion.


This rich data set includes several species of slugs, and can be used to investigate their distribution across the UK. The data has been collected over a period of several years, and includes the maturity of each slug and its location.

The data is biased in terms of the date and locations for sampling – a...


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