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Running a Club

These Cre8ate maths activities draw on the mathematics of combinatorial thinking and involve a set of functional maths activities.

Islamic Design

This Cre8ate maths activity focuses on reflection and thinking about translation or rotation. It also uses co-ordinates to develop a non-standard transformation. The topic provides rich opportunities for cross curricular work and can also provide the focus for off-site activities.

Is It Fair?

This Cre8ate maths activity provides an opportunity for work on inverse proportion, conversion calculations, compound percentage change and information handling skills.

Waste Management

This resource from Cre8ate maths works with government statistics to raise issues related to waste recycling. It would work well as a cross curricular topic with science colleagues, so that students understand both the chemical and energy issues involved in waste disposal. Students are presented with a composite...

Crystal Shapes 2

This activity from Cre8ate maths explores Platonic solids, which are formed from regular polygons where all their faces are identical and all their vertices are identical too. Students are told that there are only five platonic solids, which they can build using triangles, squares and pentagons. Completing the...

Crystal Shapes 1

This activity from Cre8ate maths explores the rotational symmetry of carefully chosen crystals. Initially students work with plain and coloured nets of cubes may use trial and improvement methods to find different possible rotations of symmetry, before exploring ways to be systematic in their investigation. For...

Hair and Beauty

This resource from Cre8ate maths is designed to help students develop their understanding of the data handling cycle. Initially students will match 14 questions with their answers, prompting discussion as some are not relevant to the topic and others could have multiple answers, but there is only one way to...

Making Molecules

This Cre8ate maths resource investigates the structure of some hydrocarbons. Molecules which have the same chemical formula but a different structure are called isomers. A printed sheet representing carbon and hydrogen atoms is cut up and used, as a kinaesthetic exercise, for students to build as many isomers as...

Sort It Out

These Cre8ate maths activities demand logical and multi-stage thinking. This topic also supports the development of personal, learning and thinking skills.

Eco Tourism

These Cre8ate maths activities involve complex analysis of information, a variety of calculations and the need to handle mixture of units, moving between grams, kilograms and tonnes. These activities are designed to give pupils an insight into the relative cost to the environment of travel and to highlight ways in...


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