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Computer studies for GCSE

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This book is intended for people who are meeting the subject for of Computer Studies for the first time...

Basic principles and practice of microprocessors

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This text presents a straightforward discussion of the way in which basic techniques in computing may be applied to the...

Introduction to 6502 machine code


In essence, machine code programming is direct programming of he microprocessor without using a built-in high-level computer language such as BASIC. The vast increase in running speed obtained when...

Understanding computer science


Understanding Computer Science brings you basic understanding of the use of computers in an easy-to-understand language.

Understanding microprocessors

For the newcomer to microprocessors - an in-depth look at the magic of the solid-state chips that are impacting our lives. What they are, what they do, and how they work to solve problems electronically. Written in everyday language, ideal for self-paced individualized learning.

Programming the BBC micro:bit: getting started with MicroPython


Quickly write innovative programs for your micro: bit--no experience necessary!

This easy-to-follow guide shows, step-by-step, how to quickly get started with programming and creating...

Cool coding


A fun, accessible guide to computers and coding for older children and curious adults. This fun and quirky book provides a fascinating introduction to the world of computer coding, organized into...

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) computer science: revision workbook


Our Revision Workbooks help you develop vital skills throughout your course in preparation for the exam with:

  • One-to-one page match with the Revision Guide so you can find the practice...

Official BBC Micro:bit user guide


The BBC micro:bit is a pocket–sized electronic development platform built with education in mind. It was developed by the BBC in partnership with major tech companies, communities, and educational...

Girl code: gaming, going viral and getting it done


Perfect for aspiring coders everywhere, Girl Code is the story of two teenage tech phenoms who met at Girls Who Code summer camp, teamed up to create a viral video game, and ended up becoming world...


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