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The iCould careers collection provides invaluable insight into what is possible in work and offers different ways for students to think about careers. The collection hosts short career videos, showcasing real-life storytellers and providing an inside view of their current job and a personal...

People like me

Developed by the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign, the People Like Me approach is an initiative designed to speak to girls aged 11-14 on their terms and demonstrate that STEM is very much for “people like them”.

This collection of training resources for STEM Ambassadors...


This multi-lesson scheme of work and resource pack uses the free Community Edition of LiveCode to learn app development using a software development process. Written by a teacher at Gracemount High School in Edinburgh, it contains a number of coding tasks that will lead to a well-developed understanding of the high...

This collection contains a number of resources dedicated to STEM competitions, awards and olympiads.

This collection of sample teacher guides is from Damien Kee, who works with teachers and students around the world to improve teaching with robots. The resources can get you up-and-running using a range of robotics platforms in the classroom, and are written in an easy-to-follow, practical style.

'Cambridge technicals' gives teachers the reassurance that they have the right qualifications to support their students’ lifelong learning journey. Cambridge technicals are vocational qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3 for students aged 16+. They are designed with the...

Python Pit

A series of practical programming resources that quickly extend Python programming skills. Most of the exercises are designed to run on the Raspberry Pi computer.

The magic of...

The magic of…is a collection of four resources, produced by Queen Mary College at the University of London, designed for teachers to use in the classroom with the intention of making learning engaging and entertaining. The four resources are all linked to the relevant curricula and provide inspiration when teaching...

A set of six resources aimed at secondary school students. The resources were developed by Nichola Wilkin and cover the following topics:
• History of computing
• Understanding bitmap images
• Networks
• Using Python
• Using Scratch


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