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Sex differentiation in schooling: is there really a problem?

This final report describes the work of the 'Reducing Sex Differentiation in Schools' project. It includes case studies, research and strategies for going forward.

Taking active interest: economic and industrial understanding and citizenship: an active learning resource for schools and colleges


This book forms part of the Active Learning series which provides teachers with ideas for activities which link EIU with other themes and dimensions. It contains activities for students aged 5-19 which encourage the...

Class management and control: a teaching skills workbook

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An introduction to the national curriculum (1989)

This set of guides has been prepared as part of the programme for introducing the National Curriculum in English and Welsh schools. It has been distributed to all primary, middle and secondary school teachers in order to promote understanding of the requirements of the National Curriculum at all age levels.

Waddingtons illustrated encyclopaedia of games


This complete compendium of board games, dice games, party games, target games and many, many more has got something for everyone.

Lateral thinking: a textbook of creativity

 a textbook of creativity


THE classic work about improving creativity from world-renowned writer and philosopher Edward de Bono.

In schools we are taught...

Dimensional mazes

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A unique book that features five three-dimensional pop-up mazes...

In a right state: the reflections of an education inspector

 the reflections of an education inspector


Kenneth Hastings describes the joys and pitf alls of being one of Her Majesty''s Education Inspectors, esp ecially the ambivalence generated by having to...

North wind and the Sun

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First published in 1964, this classic Wildsmith version of the fable by La Fontaine is now reissued with a new cover.

Lazy bear

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A simple moral tale of a bear who tries to bully his friends, is punished, and forgiven.


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