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Integrated Mathematics Scheme: M2

From the Integrated Mathematics Scheme, this book is designed for students who were likely to be taking examinations equivalent to the foundation level GCSE. The book contains 30 units, split into three sections each containing ten units.

Units 1 to 10 cover: Four rules applied to fractions...

Integrated Mathematics Scheme: L2

Part of the Integrated Mathematics Scheme, this book is aimed at lower ability Year Ten students. It has four strands to the work. These are:

*Food and clothes
*The future
*Science and computers

The mathematics covered includes place value, plane shapes, substitution...


This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series describes the process of batik, a method of obtaining a pattern upon a piece of fabric.

Silk Screen Printing

This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series introduces students to the skill of silk screening printing. It begins with instructions on how to make a basic frame and describes the other materials needed and how to prepare the workroom. Causes and remedies for common problems are also addressed.


A Framework for the School Curriculum

Published in January 1980, this report sets out preliminary views on the form that a framework for the proposed National Curriculum should take and the ground it should cover. The ideas were presented to start a consultation process, leading to a curriculum that would apply to schools nationally and promote...

Craft, Design and Technology in Schools: Some Successful Examples

This resource, published in 1980 looks at how craft, design and technology was being taught in schools and, using case studies as examples, examined what made for successful practice. The roles of teachers, heads of department, technicians and local authorities are examined, highlighting how these roles were...

CDT Projects and Approaches

This resource is a guide to the design process which aims to help students with project work.

Chapter one describes how the process is used in industry, using the examples of the postbox, Ford Sierra car and the Flexistand. Chapters two and three give examples of school projects carried out by students aged...

Craft, Design and Technology: a Curriculum Statement

This report, published in 1980 by the Association of Advisers in Design and Technical Studies, describes and justifies the area of the curriculum then known as craft, design and technology. It states the importance of the skills that it teaches - allowing individuals to interact rationally and positively with the...

Colour in Nature

This booklet provides practical activities which investigate light, sight and colour. The ideas of energy in the form of light waves radiating from a source, direct and reflected or 'scattered' light, the ways in which the light received causes the sensation of sight, and interpretations of colour by different...


This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical activities which investigate the processes of corrosion. A set of experiments are designed to give students a basic idea of the electro-chemical reactions which are responsible for the corrosion of metals. The resource also considers...


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