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Students are required to identify properties of a variety of shapes including identifying shapes which contains sides of equal lengths, the properties of circles, the properties of different types of triangles, quadrilaterals and other plane figures. Students are also required to be able to use appropriate language to...
Students are required to make connections between coordinates, straight line graphs, the gradient of a line, where the line cuts the y axis and the equation of a straight line. This list of resources is designed to provide the opportunity for students to recognise, sketch and produce graphs of linear functions of one...

Other Sequences

Students are expected to explore sequences other than linear sequences and are required to understand that all sequences are not linear by experiencing a variety of other sequences. This resource list is designed to provide an opportunity for students to make and test conjectures about recursive and long-term...
Students are required to know what is meant by the surface area of a solid, be able to calculate the surface area of a variety of solids and to be able to solve problems relating to surface area. Students are also expected to understand what is meant by the volume of a solid, be able to find the volumes of a variety...

STEM Ambassador events and volunteering

An updated calendar of events for STEM Volunteers. Most events are practical and involve mentoring a small team of young people through an engineering challenge leading to a performed test or display of the engineering. Resources and activities explore maritime, construction and aviation. Projects delve into...

“Biomedical engineering refers to the innovations that improve our health and healthcare systems, for example 3D organ printing, prosthetic limbs and wearable technology.” Tomorrow’s Engineers: From Idea to Career

Ubiquitous computing

This list contains resources devoted to wearable technology, IoT, AR / VR, mobile application development, embedded applications, haptic computing, and human-computer interaction.

Digital innovation

This list contains resources linked to the subject of digital innovation and developing digital products for which customers would pay.


This list contains resources about robotics.
This list includes resources about cyber security and engineered solutions.


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