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Engineering chocolate

From EngineeringUK, this engaging poster looks at the food industry engineering careers involved in the production of chocolate. Short descriptions are given for the jobs of: chemical engineer, environmental engineer, packaging engineer and biochemical engineer.

Four lesson activities accompany the poster:...

Where Would Social Science Be Without Maths?

A poster for teachers to use within the classroom, produced by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). On the front is a timeline featuring prominent figures who developed the use of statistics, with accompanying teachers’ notes on the back. The timeline looks at landmark events in social science from 1662...

Secondary: Hand Hygiene

Produced by the Health Protection Agency, this e-Bug resource contains teacher guidance, stimulus materials and student activity suggestions. It considers the need for effective hand washing to limit the spread of infections.

Students carry out an experiment to observe how microbes can spread from person...

A Century of Crystallography

This poster, from the Science and Technology Facilities Council, celebrates 100 years since two scientists in the UK pioneered a technique for crystallography.

Crystallography uses x-rays to create a diffraction pattern to examine the atomic structure of crystals. The poster explains Bragg’s Law, which...

Brine Date

With this resource, students develop observation skills by investigating the phenomenon of ‘mate-guarding’ in brine shrimp. Following a teacher-led discussion, students generate hypotheses. For example, one of the hypotheses may be that larger females pair with larger males.

These may be tested...


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