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Physics Careers Posters

These resources are from the Institute of Physics and consist of a range of posters that illustrate physics-related careers. The posters cover a wide range of careers and include:

Physicists Predict, Protect, Inspire and Save: Nicola Lang - geophysicist, Emma Sowter - medical physicist,  ...

DNA replication and the cell cycle

A poster or handout showing semi-conservative DNA replication, the cell cycle and the stages of mitosis.

O.R. Society in schools

O.R. is the science of better decision-making and this scheme encourages school-age students to grasp the real-life applications of mathematics.
These free sessions from the O.R. Society excite interest in STEM, get students to consider careers in analytics and help them see the world in a new way.

Python quick reference guide

This poster is designed as a quick recall resource for students learning to code using the computer programming language Python. The topics covered are the definitions of variables and constants, Boolean operators, conditional statements, comparison operators, ‘for’ loops, ‘while’ loops, strings and arithmetic...

Engineering chocolate

From EngineeringUK, this engaging poster looks at the food industry engineering careers involved in the production of chocolate. Short descriptions are given for the jobs of: chemical engineer, environmental engineer, packaging engineer and biochemical engineer.

Four lesson activities accompany the poster:...

The Royal Society of Chemistry Posters

From the Royal Society of Chemistry, these posters illustrate some of the science careers available to students, for example: food scientist, analytical chemist, formulation scientist, materials scientist and chemist. Bright and stimulating, they make students think about science areas such as pharmaceuticals,...

Young Engineers - Poster Series

Produced by Young Engineers and the Royal Academy of Engineering, these posters help students to think about some careers in engineering that they may never have considered, such as: sound engineering, flood prevention, developing camera technology or surgical equipment. The posters also pose engineering challenges...

Medical Physics Posters

From the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), these posters illustrate the uses of physics in medicine. The posters cover a range of topics, including:
* Electromagnetic spectrum
* The use of radioactivity

John Gray

This STEMNET resource introduces John Gray who is a specialist engineer for the BBC. His role is crucial in ensuring that the programme production system used by local radio stations across England works properly.

John was at university studying for a degree in Computational Physics when he first worked for...

The D-Files

The D-Files, produced by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), have been written by science teachers and LEA science advisors, with help from staff, on topics chosen by themselves as being those most appropriate to the Key Stages Three and Four age level. They are intended as a fun activity which...


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