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Linear Assessment Chapter 8: Self-evaluation and Next Steps

This final chapter from the Linear Assessment ibook recognises the importance of planning a course of action and subsequently evaluating the impact upon students’ progress.

This iBook, produced by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network for triple science support, has been designed to help teachers to...

Nappy Changing Challenge

The Nappy Changing Challenge from Cre8ate maths provides real data about students for analysis. They undertake a timed, practical, exercise of folding a towelling nappy and putting it onto a toy baby doll. Throughout the task students complete a form for the Nappy challenge and record their completed data in an...

Cleaning the Data

When you have a set of data the first thing you need to do is to check it out and eliminate any obviously wrong or false data. This is called “Cleaning the Data”.

This resource from CensusAtSchool provides a spreadsheet where several playful students have been deliberately tampering with the data.


Data With No Name

In this resource from CensusAtSchool, a set of data is presented with little background information. Students are invited, via a series of questions, to turn the data into usable, useful information applying both mathematical reasoning and use of statistical methods.

It encourages the use of spreadsheets as...

Fee Fi Foo Fum

This lesson plan with starter, main and plenary from CensusAtSchool suitable for Year Eight students develops the concept of ratio. Students will Investigate the Golden Ratio (also known as Phi) using the ratio of height to belly button height data collected and presented as a dataset.

The resource comes...

Sample Data Handling

This resource from CensusAtSchool aimed at Year Nine students is a complete set of five or six lessons which gives an idea of how to implement the project in the classroom using the students' own data.

There are comprehensive teachers’ notes, a dataset of over 100 students attributes, likes and dislikes. A...

What Is an Average?

This full lesson plan, plus dataset and worksheet, from CensusAtSchool is designed to help students understand the different types of average, how to calculate and compare them and which average it is appropriate to use for a particular data set.

Where Does Your Money Go?

In this activity from stats4schools, students investigate how families spend their money by using a Family Spending report. Students plot appropriate graphs using ICT, interpret data from tables and graphs and understand where the average family spend their money including looking at the cost of living. Students...

Large Datasets from stats4schools

These datasets from stats4schools are compiled from the responses given by over 1500 people to a survey. They are intended to be used flexibly but some ideas are given to guide students in their interrogations.

There are three sheets in each set
1. Decoded data
2. An explanation of the questions...

Recording Plankton Data

This Cape Farewell video clip shows how plankton data is recorded and used as evidence in scientific research.

Activity H - Plankton data is based on a spreadsheet which students used to answer questions and look for patterns in data about plankton. The activity is designed to consolidate, practice and...


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