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Investigating careers in Tesla

This resource investigates careers in Tesla and Hyperloop One, including in particular the engineering roles that are available. Students are able to see the wide number of roles that Tesla needs to function as a company, and how the Engineering roles are critical and numerous within the organisation. Several case...

What is structural engineering? Structural engineering for beginners

This presentation provides a great introduction to the work of structural engineers. Created by the The Institution of Structural Engineers, it provides an overview of the types of activities undertaken by structural engineers, examples of the impact that they make on society and provides an overview of the types...

Polar Bears in Trouble

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of a trainee documentary producer working for an environmental channel. The television programme scenario, ‘Bears in Trouble’, explores how rising temperatures in the Arctic could be endangering the survival of polar bears. Polar bears seem perfectly adapted...

Brilliant barnacles

In this module students will study barnacle morphology, life histories and life styles as Darwin did. He based his classification and search for a common ancestor upon his studies. Recent work using genetic and molecular evidence and scanning electron microscopy shows how some of the key difficulties in drawing the...

Natural or man-made chemicals?

This presentation is intended as a tool to help dispel the myth, “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It contains examples of useful chemicals as well as dangerous ones, highlights some
common misconceptions and provides an engaging context for discussion.

Chemistry in our community

A presentation showing  how creative chemistry is present in all aspects of our community - helping to feed us, clothe us, house us, entertain us and keep us healthy. Creative chemistry also provides energy and transport and is continually looking to do all these things whilst conserving scarce resources and...

Chemistry: more than just white coats

This presentation highlights the career opportunities available to those with a chemistry qualification.

Accident and Emergency

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of a hospital Family Liaison Officer. They carry out research around cells, tissues and organs and then explain a patient's injuries using this knowledge. The activity can help to broaden students' ideas about careers in medicine.

Death of an Angel

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of forensic science technicians who are acting as expert witnesses for the murder of Angel. Students analyse blood splatter patterns to check whether the murder weapon used was a hammer. They also watch a demonstration of a blood viscosity test to check...

In-service Training Pack

This in-service training pack, from the Centre for Science Education, was developed to help subject leaders to make effective use of the Engineering a Better World resources. The aims of the pack are to:

*enable leading teachers to develop their team's experience and expertise when integrating engineering...


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