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Skill 4.4 Recognising Visual Symbols

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity provides students with a colour-coded map of the world. Students must try and interpret the visual representation.

A series of images gradually give more information, and finally a legend, which allows students to fully understand the image....

Skill 4.1 Categorising Visual Representations

These activities, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, help students to categorise different types of visual representations.

Students are given a large number of different visual representations dealing with a range of scientific subjects. Through a 'happy families-style' card-game, students...

Skill 4.2 Learning with Visuals

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity is designed to have students study a visual representation in detail. Students are asked to look consider components that include:
* the title
* its content
* information the students have gathered from the visual

The Dairy Food Chain

These resources from Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) are intended support a visit to a dairy farm by providing activities which aim to raise students’ awareness of the process of business improvement in the food chain and giving advice on how to organise the visit.

In preparation for the farm...

Changes in Plumage in Canada Goose Goslings

This resource pack from Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) focuses on the role of judgment in animal behaviour studies. It consists of:

*background information for teachers

* images of Canada goose goslings at various stages of development and images of seven of the behaviours of...

Robots Are Colour Blind

NASA’s Mars exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity were sent to the planet to investigate its geology. Accurate images of the surface were needed so that possible areas to investigate could be selected and then the rover directed towards them. The cameras on board the rovers can only record black and white...

How Science Works - Copper Pollution From Mines

This resource considers how pollution from copper mines affects growth of plants, including a data analysis activity and a practical. The resource aims to address aspects of working scientifically.

The materials include data and photographs which illustrate the effect of copper on germination and growth, and...

Brine Date

With this resource, students develop observation skills by investigating the phenomenon of ‘mate-guarding’ in brine shrimp. Following a teacher-led discussion, students generate hypotheses. For example, one of the hypotheses may be that larger females pair with larger males.

These may be tested...

Design and Manufacture a Mobile Phone Accessory

This project concentrates on the design and manufacture of a mobile phone accessory using a range of sketching and software, alongside laser cutting and 3D printing processes. Students apply the tools in 123D Design to model the accessory, before manufacturing the product. Students consider the designing and...

Design and Manufacture a Scooter

This scheme of work is intended as an introduction to Autodesk Inventor. It is aimed at students aged 11-14, but is also suitable for students working up to and including post 16 dependent on experience.

The “Scooter” project teaches a range of fundamental Autodesk Inventor skills through a range of project...


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