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Design and Manufacture a USB Pen

The project concentrates on the design and manufacture of a USB flash pen drive using a range of sketching and software, alongside laser cutting and 3D printing processes. Students will apply the tools in AutoCad and Autodesk Inventor to the challenging task of creating a small focused and detailed casing parts,...

Counting Crowds

This two and half minute video, from Twig World, begins by asking how it was estimated that 1.8 million people attended the swearing in ceremony of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Statisticians use a variety of methods to help estimate large crowds, taking into account known values and...

FactPack: Non-Edible Crops

This film, from Twig World, looks at some surprising uses of common crops.

The film illustrates facts about non-edible crops, for example:

•Cotton, flax and hemp are used to produce textiles. •Borage, poppies, lavender and chamomile produce drugs and cosmetics. •Wheat, corn and potato are used for...

Parasitic Plants

This film, from Twig World, looks at different species of parasitic plants.

The key points covered in the film are:

•Parasitic plants derive some or all of their nutrients from other plants. •Some plants latch on and stay in balance with their hosts. •Some kill their hosts. •Examples include...

Plants and Medicine

This film, from Twig World, explores how artichokes, garlic and poppies play an important role in medicine, for pain management and the treatment of disease.

The key points made in the film are:

•The medicinal properties of plants have saved countless lives. •Over half of prescription drugs use...

What Plants Need to Grow

This film, from Twig World looks at plant nutrition and why nitrates, phosphates, potassium and magnesium are vital for plant health.

The key points in the film are:

•Understanding how plants grow ensures we have food on the table. •Plants need sunlight and air, water and minerals. •If minerals are...

FactPack: Hydrocarbons

This film, from Twig World, provides an introduction to hydrocarbons and looks at how unreactive alkanes can be made into reactive alkenes.

The key points made in the film are facts about Hydrocarbons, for example:

•Hydrocarbons are the simplest organic compounds. •Alkanes are poor fuels, thick and...

Leaded and Unleaded Petrol

This film, from Twig World, looks at the dangers of tetraethyl lead in petrol.

The key points made in the film are:

•Lead was added to fuel to make it better for our engines. •However, lead is a dangerous pollutant. •It is toxic and damages our inner organs. Leaded fuel caused a health scare. •...

Vegetable Oils As Fuel

This film, from Twig World, looks at the processes involved in using vegetable oil as a biofuel and whether it could become a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The key points made in the film are:

•Vegetable oil is made of long chains of carbon atoms similar to diesel oil or gasoline. •Vegetable...

Ordnance Survey Maps

This film, from Twig World, looks at the history of ordnance survey maps. Ordnance Survey has been creating maps for hundreds of years. How have their mapping methods changed since the first Ordnance Survey maps were made?

The key points made in the film are:

•The British Ordnance Survey team are...


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