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Science Debate Kits

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These Science Debate Kits give teachers everything they needed to run a debate on a set topic and help their students develop their evaluation skills. The activities provide a structured way to start...

Wall paper in the classroom "Internet security rules"

Beata Woszczek
- teacher of physics, mathematics, computer science and technology

Special Schools at the University Children's Hospital in Lublin (Poland)
Psychiatric Children's and Youth Branch - School Branch

Report on the implementation of the Safer Internet Day celebrations 2018  "We...

Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

An Early Start to Energy

This book in the Early Start series, published in 1992, concerns the concept of energy, a difficult one for young children. The book enables children to gather the experiences needed in the early years to help the later grasp of the concept. The activities in this book cover the energy components of the National...

An Early Start to Ourselves and Evolution

This book in the Early Start series, published in 1991, addresses for teachers of infant and lower junior children the parts of the curriculum concerned with scientific investigation, the variety of life, processes of life and genetics and evolution The author makes use of children’s interest in themselves to look...

An Early Start to Technology

An Early Start to Technology was first published as part of the Early Start series in 1990. It deals with those aspects of science that link closely with technology. The book presents practical experiences for children aged five to eight which will involve them in looking at the structure of things, at the...

An Early Start to The Environment

An Early Start to The Environment was published in 1991 after the introduction of the National Curriculum in England and Wales. The activities in this book, for children aged five to eight, focus on exploring the scientific, geographical and historical aspects of the children’s immediate environment in a cross-...

An Early Start to Earth and Space

This book, published in 1993, was the last in the Early Start series of activities for children aged five to eight. It covers those parts of the National Curriculum Science Programme that are not covered in the other books in the series. It is particularly concerned with water, the atmosphere and the structure of...

Composition of Air Model

A 'cut out and glue' model demonstrating the proportions of the various gases in the composition of air

The Colour of Nature

A 90 minute Real World Science session exploring light and colour in the natural world; human understanding and use of colour and extends to optical illusions and v ision beyond the visible spectrum.

Involves hands on work with specimens from the museum's collections and "mini-safaris" through the Natural...


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