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Biochemistry: career case studies

These careers case studies include: Fiona Russell - Postdoctoral Research Fellow Kelly Edwards - Research Information Co-ordinator Rachel Donnellan - Senior Analyst, Marketing Information and Research Richard Hinde - Senior Consultant at Datamonitor Healthcare

Careers for chemists in The pharmaceutical industry

This Leaflet explores the many different career options available in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemists can work in a number of specific areas where they will use their scientific knowledge and skills. They can also work in a large number of other roles where a general scientific background is useful –...

Life enhancing careers: careers for scientists in the pharmaceutical industry

This careers leaflet from the APBI looks at the many careers options available in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops and supplies new medicines to prevent and treat illnesses. To achieve this, it employs
talented and dedicated scientists who work together in...

Animal research and human medicine: a resource for Schools

This booklet is designed to support teachers working with pupils on the issues surrounding the use of animals in medicines research. Whether used in the context of Citizenship, PSE, Science, English or RE, it aims to provide a useful resource for both teachers and pupils across the UK.

Online ecology two - the distribution of species across a field

This online ecology practical, by SAPS, is designed to give students an opportunity to see how systematic sampling can be used to

  • investigate changes in species richness across a footpath
  • the distribution of species across a footpath

These online exercises are not intended as a...

Online ecology three - abundance and random sampling at Waun Las nature reserve

In this resource from SAPS, students learn about random sampling, diversity and different measures of abundance, before looking at close-up photographs of quadrats and using the field guide to identify them. The resources are intended to help students develop skills and plant identification techniques before going...

Helicopter Rescue

In this problem the learners, acting as a helicopter-rescue crew, are asked to rescue a casualty and get them to hospital. The teacher chooses the challenge level by setting the values of some variables. Students will represent and analyse a problem mathematically, interpret and communicate solutions.


Mince Flies

This resource looks at the environmental impact of our food choices in terms of water usage, world food supply and greenhouse gas production. The activities aim to challenge students' fears and prejudices about the foods common to other cultures and to consider the importance of eating insects as a source of...

Discovering DNA

This resource provides background information for students about the structure of DNA, DNA replication, genetic engineering, cloning, genetic testing and DNA fingerprinting.

The activities for students include a practical activity where students extract their own DNA from cheek epithelial cells or plant...

Applications of Programmable Systems

In this activity, students examine how programmable systems have developed over time. Students use the internet to research a programmable system, place inventions correctly on a timeline and use information about developments in electronics, computing and materials to explain patterns in the development of...


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