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Arctic Survey: The Navigation Toolkit

This toolkit, from the Plus magazine's collaboration with Arctic Survey Education, explores the navigational aspects of the expedition, including questions surrounding cartography and Global Positioning (GPS) systems. The toolkit can be download as a whole or as individual components. The individual components are...

Challenging Questions in Computing - Display

This resource is a set of questions about computing to get students thinking. They could be used as a starter activity, to encourage thinking outside the box or for starting discussions. This resource makes a nice display if you print the pages on different coloured card.

Human heart structure

Labelled diagram showing the structure of the heart.

DNA replication and the cell cycle

A poster or handout showing semi-conservative DNA replication, the cell cycle and the stages of mitosis.

Maintenance Engineer: Tim Moss

This STEMNET resource describes the background and career of STEM Ambassador Tim Moss, a maintenance engineer working for Nottingham Express Transit. Tim has always been interested in all kinds of transport. His work involves researching transport technology and ensuring that Nottingham's tram system runs...


In this fast-moving and dramatic activity, student groups become teams of volcanologists. They receive a budget with which to purchase and maintain monitoring instruments and satellite data for an active volcano. They decide which instruments to buy, and where to place them. As events unfold they must make quick...

Cost of creating a new medicine

This animation provides an introduction to different phases of drug discovery and development, as well as issues influencing the cost and affordability of new medicines.

The Personal Sole

A pioneering rapid manufacturing process invented at Loughborough University is being used to create sprint spikes with a custom made outsole designed to precisely match the power and physical characteristics of the individual athlete. This video, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), allows...

Analysing the Game

This video, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), explores the research and technology behind Opta Sports data and provides first-hand information directly from interviews with the engineers and sports professionals involved. Opta Sports data uses leading edge technology to compile team and...

Support for Science Technicians

Funded by Gatsby, and linked to the registration of technicians, this guide is full of top tips from senior technicians across the country, which could help you to improve the technical service in your science department.

If you’re interested in professional registration  as a science technician you can...


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