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Crime Detection

This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical activities in which students investigate aspects of forensic science. The resource can be used as part of cross-curricular learning and case studies are provided to encourage logical thought, debate and discussion and decision making skills....


This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series describes the process of batik, a method of obtaining a pattern upon a piece of fabric.

Silk Screen Printing

This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series introduces students to the skill of silk screening printing. It begins with instructions on how to make a basic frame and describes the other materials needed and how to prepare the workroom. Causes and remedies for common problems are also addressed.


Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments contains a varied collection of labcards and worksheets from which teachers can choose in order to build up a programme of chemistry practical work for use in the school laboratory. The labcards include labelled diagrams and questions which are designed to help guide students through the...


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