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Making Stone Age Cheese

These resources use the context of feasting at Stonehenge to consider aspects of food processing, food allergies and intolerance.  There are opportunities for students to:

  • make and test their own cottage cheese
  • to consider the effect of processing on lactose content of foods
  • to...


Julia is a dietitian for Addenbrookes Hospital, she discusses her role in this video.

Curriculum links include malnutrition, food groups, healthy diet, nutrition

For some more resources and ideas linked to nutrition, have a look at:...

Vitamin C

This video looks at how vitamin C was discovered and deficiency diseases,  and is useful for looking at working scientifically.


Videos on food sensory analysis

A couple of videos which explain sensory analysis of foods

A video about food additives

A video about food additives

A cartoon about pathogens

Gluten Testing of Flour

This resource includes an introductory powerpoint (including a video) and a data recording sheet.  It has an experiment sheet which will also aid with NEA assessment.

Food Additives

This resource focuses on food additives and their role in food processing and our diet.  It is a powerpoint followed by a video grid and the link to a video which can be watched called "additives an edible adventure". There is also a PDF booklet to support teachers in their delivery of this topic which has student...

Knife skills

Practical work and activity sheet with video





How its made - bread

Homemade vs manufactured bread


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