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Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM): Section 6 - Assessment

In this section of the Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM) material, from the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester, assessment is discussed from a number of different viewpoints including those of the students, teachers and examination boards.

The materials also give some...

Examining at CSE Level

The Nuffield Secondary Science guide to examining at CSE was aimed at teachers and examiners. It began the quest, still continuing today, to find appropriate ways to examine science across the whole ability range.

The Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)
The CSE had been introduced...

Nuffield Physics: Tests and Examinations

In Nuffield Physics constructive problems or questions that ask for active thinking largely took the place of pupils' reading in texts or background books. The first chapter in this book about tests and examinations provided guidance on the nature and purposes of the questions in the range of Question Books. The...

APU Science Report for Teachers 9: Assessing Investigations at Age 13 and 15

This APU Science report for teachers is based on a selection of the questions used in the surveys of students aged 13 and 15 in the surveys carried out in 1981 and 1982 to assess the performance of investigations. These were complete investigations carried out individually by students working alone. Reference is...


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