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Linnean Society Posters

There are four posters in this resource covering the following areas of the biology curriculum:

Biodiversity: gives an overview of what biodiversity is, how it is measured and the threats to biodiversity

Classification: describes the main features of classification and the binomial system of...

Simultaneous Equations (Non-Linear)

This file provides practice at solving pairs of simultaneous equations where at least one is not linear. The pairs of graphs and the coordinates of the points of intersection can be revealed.

The first sheet deals with the intersection of a straight line with y=x2 where all the...

Transformation of Functions

This interactive excel program allows students to explore the relationship between the transformation of functions and the associated graphs. Functions explored are straight lines, quadratic and cubic functions as well as sine and cosine curves. Each type of function can be fully transformed in stages. The...

Travel Graphs

This interactive excel program covers distance/time and velocity/time graphs.

The first interactive sheet shows a distance/time graph made of line segments and some questions relating to speed for each segment and the time when velocity is zero.

The second sheet shows the journeys of two people.



This excel program contains a series of interactive spreadsheets designed to explore the concept of a gradient of a curve.

The first activity illustrates that the gradient of a function, at a point P, is the gradient of a chord PQ as the length of PQ tends to zero. The equation of the quadratic can be...

The First Programmable System

In this activity students explore why a water clock was the world's first programmable system. Programmable systems are by no means a modern invention. Many regard the first to be Ktesibios's water clock, which was invented approximately 2250 years ago.

The aim of this activity is that students apply what...

Writing a Flowchart

This engineering activity, suitable for children in computing lessons, looks at the basics of flowchart construction.

Simple examples, such as the decisions made by a dog chasing a stick, are used to make flowchart representation of algorithms accessible to younger children.

A simple design activity...

The Liverpool Robotic Telescope

Produced in 2015, these materials are themed around the work of the Liverpool Robotic Telescope and the National Schools’ Observatory (NSO). Through the National Schools’ Observatory (NSO) web site, registered schools can request specific observations to be made using the remotely-controlled Liverpool...

Your Life Formula 100

This resource aims to raise awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers that studying mathematics and physics can lead to. The campaign objective is to significantly increase the number of students studying mathematics and physics at A level in the next three years.

The competition sets out to find...

Psychology of Attraction - Who do we like and Why?

A workshop plan and resources backed up by notes of related scientific studies that were developed by Cinelive and Professor Viren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University.

These were delivered as part of 'What's the Grey Matter with Gregory?', an immersive arts/science project delivered across the UK in 2015/2016...


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