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Careers of the Future

Using the most up-to-date occupational research, this guide produced by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) showcases 40 top jobs in 10 key occupations, which according to the UKCES analysis of the UK job market, will be crucial over the next decade.

The aim of this guide is to inspire young...

Your Life Formula 100

This resource aims to raise awareness of the exciting and wide-ranging careers that studying mathematics and physics can lead to. The campaign objective is to significantly increase the number of students studying mathematics and physics at A level in the next three years.

The competition sets out to find...

Citizen Science and Curriculum for Excellence

This guide provides a wealth of information about the benefits of being involved in citizen science and how to incorporate it into the curriculum, with links to citizen science projects and resources.

Citizen science projects can range from discovering a new quasar in space, counting elephants in the...

Attracting Hormones - What and Who do we like?

A series of resources developed by Cinelive alongside Professor Dave Hornby of the University of Sheffield, Professor Frank Hucklebridge of the University of Westminster and Professor John Wass of Oxford University.

These resources provide the opportunity for a group to explore the history of our...

Large Scale Electrical Equipment Picture Pack

This Nuffield Secondary Science picture pack was designed for use with Field of Study 4.3 in Theme 4. The pack contains 10 pages of black and white images of equipment related to the generation and use of electricity on a large scale. The pack was published in...

Evidence of Evolution Picture Pack

This Nuffield Secondary Science picture pack was designed for use with Field of Study 2.3 in Theme 2. The pack contains 32 large, black and white line drawings and photographs.

Some of the images illustrate evidence for human evolution including:




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