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Triangles in a Spiral

This activity is based upon a practical task to fit a set of similar triangles into a spiral. It is in two parts, the first of which is more accessible.

In Part 1 students are presented with a series of different sized similar triangles. These fit together to form a spiral and students look at how many are...

Which Operation?

This activity begins with an example of how to get from a start number to a given finish number using given operations such as +5 or x3. Students are then presented with a set of structured problems involving them selecting ways of getting from a start number to a finish number using other given operations....

Costain bingo

This activity  from Plotr uses the game of bingo as a way of  getting students to  think creatively about the range of careers available in STEM sectors, particularly careers in construction and engineering.

Opportunities in numbers

This activity allows students to  research and present data, using live job and apprenticeship vacancy information found at as a stimulus.  Students practise using mathematical tools to present information. The activity will  familiarise pupils with...

Psychology of Attraction - Who do we like and Why?

A workshop plan and resources backed up by notes of related scientific studies that were developed by Cinelive and Professor Viren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University.

These were delivered as part of 'What's the Grey Matter with Gregory?', an immersive arts/science project delivered across the UK in 2015/2016...

Attracting Hormones - What and Who do we like?

A series of resources developed by Cinelive alongside Professor Dave Hornby of the University of Sheffield, Professor Frank Hucklebridge of the University of Westminster and Professor John Wass of Oxford University.

These resources provide the opportunity for a group to explore the history of our...

'Maths in Space' workshop

A series of three activities exploring the mathematics behind space exploration. The resources cover:

  • Estimating the distances involved in space
  • Communication/describing mathematical shapes- would students perform well during a space walk?
  •  Survival on the moon- calculation of...

KS3 - Locomotive

In 1804 Scottish born Richard Trevithick invented the first working Steam Locomotive, initially used to transport resources. Trevithick's invention sparked a number of steam related transportation inventions, including George Stephenson infamous Rocket, the first passenger Steam Locomotive.

Use this...

KS2 + - Thames to tap

Ever thought about where you water comes from & how it gets to your taps? With the population of Victorian London growing water companies needed to construct a sophisticated network of pumps, pipes and filtration systems in order to deliver clean fresh drinking water. 

Use this...

KS2+ - London's deadly disease

Between 1832 and 1866 over 35,000 people mysteriously died across London. The best medical minds of the time couldn't fathom why & people where beginning to drop like flies. Was it that awful stench in the air or something far more deadly? 

Use this informative and visual sheet as...


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