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Belief circles

From Practical Action and the Royal Academy of Engineering, this short starter activity helps students to think about their own values and those of their peers in relation to the sustainability of engineering. The activity encourages an awareness of the impact of engineering on the environment and sustainability....

6R's explained

These resources consist of a presentation and activity sheets to support design and technology students aged 14-16. It helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of sustainable development and the use of precious resources. The 6 R's are:

  • Rethink: what could be done differently?
  • Refuse...

Design for a better world

Design for a better world is a design challenge for students aged 11-14 years. It offers students the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the global goals for sustainable development.
  • Access a range of global contexts including water and sanitation, food security and climate action in which to identify...

Line ups

In this activity students literally form a line to demonstrate their understanding of  the environmental, economic and social impact of everyday products, then discuss and debate.  The activity helps them understand the impact of everyday products throughout their life cycle from manufacturing to disposal.

STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - summer 2017

In this issue of the STEM Learning magazine Gemma Taylor talks to schools about how they are planning and preparing for the reforms to the design and technology GCSEs....

STEM Learning Magazine: Secondary - autumn 2015

This edition of the STEM Learning Magazine includes articles on:

Professional development for science technicians
An interview with a design and technology teacher
Study visits to CERN
High quality staff training days
Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station

STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - autumn 2016

This edition of the magazine focuses on the new approach to GCSE food preparation and nutrition as well as the changes to A-level mathematics and computing. Paul Browning, Senior Project Consultant, is decoding the world of MOOCs and presenting the benefits of...


In this lesson, students look at fluctuations in electricity sources by analysing large data sets.  A student sheet is provided, containing data downloaded from MyGridGB - Charting GB Energy .  This site provides current data on sources of electrical power...

Cracking Chemistry

This resource pack contains twelve 'hands on’ activities linked to different aspects of the science of materials and states of matter. Aimed at learners of all ages, they would be particularly suitable for use at primary level to demonstrate key ideas and concepts and to spark an interest in chemistry. Containing...

Build a Rocket Car

In this activity, from BLOODHOUND SSC, students build a model rocket car and explore the effect of drag on its performance. Maths, science and technology departments could all be involved. The design and build could be followed by timing and analysis experiments. Model rocket motors are the ideal way to propel...


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