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Futurecade is an innovative interactive suite of games from the Science Museum that allows students to explore how science and technology impacts on their everyday lives. Futurecade’s four games are inspired by current and future technology in the fields of robotics, satellites and space junk, geo-engineering and...

New Materials and Nanotechnology

Produced in 2015, this resource looks at glass microspheres, which contain radioactive Y-90, and are currently being used to treat liver cancer in humans, where their chemical durability is of prime importance.

This package of materials describes how the glass microspheres are used, and why. It shows how...

Taking Risks

In this SATIS Revisited resource the activities take students through a comparison of the risks associated with different activities using data at personal, community, national and global levels.

There are three activities in this unit, which have been written to be followed sequentially. Students work...

Carbon Footprints and the Greenhouse Effect

In this SATIS Revisited resource students consider the factors that contribute to the greenhouse effect, the possible effects of global warming, and how they as individuals are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is affecting the natural world. The distribution of some species appears to...

Smart Sensors 2

This activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), introduces students to how sensors can be used in smart applications of electronic systems.

The resource is designed so that students will know:

• about the difference between simple sensors and smart sensors
• about some...

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