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Aircraft of the future

This is one of a set of resources produced in conjunction with the engineering company Arconic. The resources are designed to support teaching of key engineering concepts at both key stage 3 and key stage 4, including the new GCSE in Engineering. This resource focusses on designing a sustainably powered aircraft...

Understanding ergonomics and anthropometrics

This resource looks at measuring sizes of hands and presenting data.

Suggested Learning Outcomes                 

  • To understand what is meant by ergonomics and anthropometrics in design.
  • To be able to give examples of ergonomic design and the use of anthropometric data.
  • To...

Producing a treadle pump

This resource looks into making a prototype of a treadle pump. 

Suggested learning outcomes include:

  • To be able to manufacture a working prototype of a treadle pump for people living in a remote village.
  • To be able to select appropriate materials, tools and equipment for a manufacturing...

Investigating problems faced by people in remote areas

This resource considers the social implications and challenges faced.

Suggested learning outcomes include:

  • To know what is meant by a remote area.
  • To understand the social problems and challenges faced by people living in remote areas.
  • To be able to create solutions for...

Investigating how hoverboards work

This resource investigates how hoverboards work.

Suggested learning outcomes include:

  • Understand how at least two different examples of hoverboards function.
  • Know how to analyse examples of existing products.
  • Analyse the main features of a product and identify improvements that...

Going nuclear

This resource requires students to consider the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy.

Suggested learning outcomes include:                 

  •  To understand how electrical energy is generated from nuclear fuel.
  •  To understand the advantages and disadvantages of generating...

Designing an ergonomic product

Designers must consider how people will interact with their products and systems. The use of ergonomics and anthropometric data allows them to make sure their products are comfortable and efficient to use.

This resource focusses on how ergonomics and anthropometric data can be used to design a product.

Producing a treadle pump

In this activity, students will produce a finished working prototype of a treadle pump designed to raise water from wells. It will develop their ability to produce products that meet a social need. It will also develop their manufacturing skills and ability to select appropriate materials, tools and equipment.

Wind Tunnel Testing

In this activity, students explore the requirements of aerodynamic design through testing simple shapes in a wind tunnel and explain the link between the test results from a wind tunnel and air resistance. The activity focuses on students acquiring an understanding of aerodynamics through testing, experimenting and...

Welding with Chocolate

This activity, from The Welding Institute, gives students the opportunity to build structures made from chocolate. In the example given, a box-section is compared with a flat plank of chocolate, to see which is the strongest when spanning a gap. The structures are readily related to the context of bridge-building....


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