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Playing with Lego - SwedeBuild (linear programming)

This resource invites students to investigate how many tables and chairs in a new range of dining furniture should be made in order to get the greatest profit. Topics covered include modeling, forming equations, graphing solutions and linear programming.

The resource includes a presentation, student...

Paper cups challenge

This Operational Research (OR) Society resource  invites students to analyse processes and efficiencies through a series of group challenges.

In the first activity students are asked to produce as many cups as possible by folding paper. Students are also asked to calculate the mean, variance and standard...

Let's go to the theatre: theatre bookings

In this resource students are asked to play the role of a local theatre manager, tasked with finding the best way to organise the audience to minimise the amount of space they take up. To solve the problem students must apply a series of first fit algorithms.

The resource includes a teacher presentation,...

Playing snakes and ladders: climbing the career ladder

This resource explores the application of flow charts, algorithms and mathematical based careers. Student pairs take it in turns to roll a die and travel along the board, racing through primary school, GCSE revision and work experience towards a successful career.

The resource includes a printable board game...


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