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Chemical reaction biscuits

This Catalyst article looks at the process of baking biscuits. All cooking involves chemical reactions but you are not normally aware of them happening. There is an obvious thermal decomposition reaction which takes place in the middle of this recipe – and you get fabulous ginger biscuits at the end.


Dust to dust? The importance of soil

This Catalyst article looks at soil composition and the reasons behind protecting soil from turning into dust. The UN Year of Soils highlighted the many ways in which humans rely on soil for much more than growing crops.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2016, Volume 26, Issue 4.


Dimitri Mendeleev and the periodic pattern

Mendeleev's invention of the periodic table of the elements showed how to predict and create further elements, something which scientists are still doing today.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2016, Volume 26, Issue 4.


Fingerprints – beyond identity

Chemists analyse the tiny traces of substances which form a fingerprint. This allows them to determine drug abuse and as well as the age, gender and diet of an individual.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2016, Volume 26, Issue 3.


Genome editing

This article looks at genome editing and its potential impact on genetically carried diseases, such as Huntingtons or Sickle Cell Anaemia as well as its critics who question both the infancy of the technology, and the ethical implications which surround the ability to modify human beings. Crucially, critics...

STEM Learning magazine: primary - summer 2016

This STEM Learning magazine aimed at all primary teachers contains articles devoted to teaching science, mathematics, design and technology and computing at primary level. Articles include: 

  • What does primary STEM look like?
  • Taking the next step in coding
  • Could the...

STEM Learning magazine: secondary - summer 2016

Mathematics Subject Specialist, Michael Anderson, discusses the questions the Principia mission poses, as well as the range of support materials available to teachers as Tim Peake returns to Earth from the International Space Station.

Gill Collinson, Head of Centre, National STEM Learning Centre and Network...

The Scratch patch - substitution cipher

This project, exploring basic encryption, is a useful introduction to data security as well as iterating through strings to manipulate them. The program create a ‘substitution cipher’, one of the most basic forms of encryption. It also demonstrates that, for more complex chained commands, Scratch becomes rather...

The Scratch patch - error handling

This activity is an introduction to writing programs that can handle errors. It also helps students to understand number bases, by guiding them through the writing of a ‘base converter’ program.


True or false


Aimed at primary learners, this resource provides a lesson which links to the classification of plants and animals. Based around a series of captivating educational films, it looks at the reasons why we classify living things and how we classify them. Teacher’s notes provide a...


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