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Electrons at work: a selection of experiments for schools

Written by F.C. Brown and published by the English Universities Press, this book contains a broad selection of experiments designed to help students understand the close relationship between chemical activity and the movement of electrons.

The activities aim to stimulate an investigative approach. They can...

Art of scientific investigation

In The Art of Scientific Investigation, originally published in 1950, W.I.B. Beveridge explores the development of the intuitive side in scientists. The author's object is to show how the minds of humans can best be harnessed to the processes of scientific discovery. This book therefore centers on the "human factor...

Science Investigations 2

23 simulated science experiments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science Investigations 2 is an easy-to-use interactive science experiments software program which will help students learn and practice skills such as planning an experiment, making predictions and processing data.


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