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Video on the Physics of Food - No ordinary yogurt

Why is set yogurt a solid, while milk is a liquid? That's because it's a gel!

Discover the magic of yogurt-making in this video

The video here is just a cut of the...

Video on the Physics of Food - The magic in milk

What do milk, salad dressing and mayonnaise have in common? They all are emulsions, and that allows them to taste great!

The full video ( is a fun way of...

Jointing a chicken activity

lesson which discusses responsibility and food provenance before learning how to joint up a chicken through a video

Videos on food sensory analysis

A couple of videos which explain sensory analysis of foods

Food safety and kofta practical


To understand the food safety principles when preparing, cooking and serving food

To know how to correctly use a food probe

To understand how to prevent cross contamination

•Activity: To make notes of all the possible areas that could contaminate food whilst...

A video about food additives

A video about food additives

Recipe for making fruit tarts with short crust pastry, shortening

Recipe for making fruit tarts with short crust pastry, shortening

A cartoon about pathogens

Gluten Testing of Flour

This resource includes an introductory powerpoint (including a video) and a data recording sheet.  It has an experiment sheet which will also aid with NEA assessment.

Food Additives

This resource focuses on food additives and their role in food processing and our diet.  It is a powerpoint followed by a video grid and the link to a video which can be watched called "additives an edible adventure". There is also a PDF booklet to support teachers in their delivery of this topic which has student...


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