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lesson on healthy breakfast

Bread - yeast experiment

Lesson on ingredient functions in bread and a yeast experiment.

How its made - bread

Homemade vs manufactured bread

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers.  Lesson on taste testing and comparing premade vs homemade chicken nuggets. 


Pasta bake and dairy lesson

Lesson looking at dairy foods and making a pasta bake


Lesson on the digestive system

Non cooks worksheet

Worksheet for non cooks who have forgotten ingredients. 

Food Technology

A Nuffield design hexagon task focusing on food technology. The resource aims to extend understanding of how to evaluate a design by thinking how it affects people and whether it performs as expected.

This resource contains a number of activities for each side of the design hexagon (student pages and...

weights and measures

Short lesson on weights and measures

Testing for readiness

Short lesson on testing for readiness


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