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Born to Engineer: Nina Parsons

It took just one day at a race-track for Nina Parsons to know that she wanted to be an engineer. Five years later, she’s heading for a career in Formula One. 

For Nina and her friends at Oxford Brookes, teamwork is the key to building a winning Formula Student racing car. That and paying the closest...

Born to Engineer- Alice Martin

In this video Alice Martin explains that engineering is not just about equations, it is the practical side of science and mathematics. She says it can be about creating beautiful products or purely functional ones, but it is always about making a real difference to the way people live their lives.


Born to Engineer - Sam Fraser

Sam Fraser is a mechanical engineer working for his PhD at Loughborough University Sports Technology Institute. 

Sponsored by Adidas, Sam uses techniques like finite area analysis to model and build better football boots. Sam analyses player movements and builds mechanical testing rigs to optimise and...

Born to Engineer - Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson is a computer engineer working at Queen Mary, University of London on music signal processing. 

He has engineered a software package that allows bands to drive the tempo of their music to the response of the crowd and still keep their layered backing tracks in time with the beat. This film...

Born to engineer - George Edwards

While studying in his final year at the Kings School Canterbury, George Edwards has taken what started out as a AS-level project and taken it from conception through to a fully functioning manufactured product. 

He has won a number of national design competitions and international companies are looking...

Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this entertaining video clip takes the form of an animated rap which describes a range of career opportunities open to students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). It makes a good introduction to a session offering careers advice and guidance by...

Tesco Engineering Energy-Efficient Stores

Mark Hawker, IMechE Fellow and Head of Engineering Design for Tesco Property Services, discusses the construction and operation of their energy-efficient sustainable concept store. The film looks at the different aspects of engineering involved in transforming a plot of land into a store whilst reducing its...

Cancer and biomedical engineering

This activity asks students to consider the biology of cancer, and to use the information they research to produce a document summarising their main points. Dr Eleanor Stride is developing a treatment for cancer that encloses cancer treating drugs in bubbles that can be directed by magnetic fields to the cancer...

Engineering Careers - Mechanical Design Engineer

In this video Sam Creed discusses how playing with Lego in his youth sparked his interest in engineering and how those skills and experiences still apply in his role today.  He also touches upon problem solving and how building 'big robots' can be really satisfying.  


STEM Ambassador top tips

We've put together a series of top tip guidance and advice documents that aim to help you with creating and delivering activities:


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