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Ed Dyke

In this STEMNET resource, maths teacher Ed Dyke describes a STEM project undertaken by his school in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, called Rocket Day. The project was funded by the York and North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership (NYBEP). Also involved was STEM Ambassador Clive Bell, who has worked for the...

Matthew Evans

In this STEMNET resource, Assistant Head Teacher Matthew Evans describes activities undertaken in his specialist Technology College to support STEM subject teaching. The school runs many STEM Clubs and has worked with STEM Ambassadors for nearly 15 years.

Matthew works closely with the STEM Ambassadors and...

Embedding STEM Careers Awareness in Secondary Schools

This publication, from Warwick University, reports on the STEM Careers Awareness Timeline Pilot. The Timeline project seeks to establish how schools can embed a more systematic programme of careers awareness into the existing subject curriculum. The report gives emerging findings from working with stakeholders and...

STEM Choices: Equality and Diversity - Gender

This publication from the Department for Education publication explores the issue of a significant gender imbalance in the STEM workforce, barriers to choosing STEM subjects and gender disparity. A list of suggestions to make STEM careers advice more women - friendly is also provided.

STEM Choices: Equality and Diversity - Ethnicity

This publication from the Department for Education addresses the issue of equality and diversity in the STEM workforce which is not yet truly representative. It examines the number of ethnic minority students studying STEM subjects and undertaking STEM-related careers.

The publication looks at approaches...

Kate Bellingham Video

In this video, Kate Bellingham, the former National STEM Careers Coordinator, describes the importance of encouraging students to choose STEM subjects. Kate believes that STEM qualifications and skills are urgently needed and highly valued in employment therefore it is crucial to work with teachers, careers...

Briefing Pack for STEM Careers Ambassadors

This training pack from the Department for Education is designed to help STEM professionals enhance their skills and enable them to become even more active in schools and communities.

The emphasis within the training pack on challenging myths and stereotypes will also support STEM Ambassadors in encouraging...

Guidance Notes for Organisations Delivering STEM Ambassador Training

These guidance notes and associated Training Pack from the Department for Education, are designed for organisations to help STEM Ambassadors enhance their skills and enable them to become even more active in their local schools and communities.


STEM Equality and Diversity Useful Websites

Produced for the Department for Education, this document contains an extensive list of web sites that will be useful to practitioners offering information and guidance in STEM careers to young people.

How to Design an Inclusive Industrial Visit

Produced by the Industrial Trust, Business & Education South Yorkshire and JIVE (Joint Interventions), this leaflet identifies hints and tips to help organisers of visits to industry. Often organisations that are prepared to offer industrial visits to their sites are unaware of the action they can take to make...


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