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A Glimpse of the Future

In this video, from Rolls-Royce, students can see what it is like to work in a company that develops and manufactures high technology products. The video includes comments and descriptions from a group of young people visiting Rolls-Royce.

The video includes sections on: * The manufacture of hollow...

STEM Careers Guidance for Teachers Toolkit

Produced by Rolls-Royce, the associated resources in this toolkit help students to make the connection between STEM subjects studied in school or college and possible future career opportunities. The materials illustrate the really exciting opportunities which open up to them through studying STEM subjects. The...

Why STEM Careers?

From Rolls-Royce, these materials are designed to show students the exciting range of careers that are available for students with science, technology, engineering or mathematics skills.

This resource aims to help students see the link between classroom STEM subjects and opportunities in the world of work....

Making the Future

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this booklet tells the story of what makes a high value business. It looks at questions such as: What are high value businesses? What do they look like? Why do they matter? The booklet can be helpful to illustrate the types of career opportunities that are available to students with science...

Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this series of case studies illustrates the wide range of career opportunities that are opened up for students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. They can be used to give careers advice and guidance to students as well as to illustrate the curriculum principles...

Speakers from Industry: a Practical Guide for Teachers and Industrialists

Produced by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), this booklet offers advice and guidance for:
* teachers who wish to bring industrial speakers into school
* industrial speakers who would like an insight into the needs of teachers and their students.

The booklet contains two...

BP in Business Case Studies

This case study from BP Educational Service offers students aged 14-19 an insight into how a global business works. The study explores how BP's marketing team decides on place of sale, price and promotion for a product.

This resource is also suitable for Business Studies students.

Ros Brain

Ros Brain, Deputy Head Teacher in a primary school, recruited four STEM Ambassadors from STEMNET to bring alive the topic of poor sanitation for an activity day in her school.

The children got involved in a range of practical and fun experiments which were relevant not only to the themes of problem solving,...

Activity Case Study 6: Andrew Keen

In this STEMNET activity case study, Graduate Engineer Andrew Keen describes a 'real life' project that he designed for sixth formers which involved developing an engine component. The Fuel Systems Team of his company was so impressed with the project that it is now working on a prototype component.


Activity Case Study 7: Caron Malone

This STEMNET activity case study describes the many activities that STEM Ambassador Caron Malone has been involved with. These include designing and making 'intelligent clothing' with primary school children, a Smart Energy workshop and careers day talks. Caron is particularly keen to involve more girls in STEM...


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