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Talking About and Responding to School Cyberbullying - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at how St Gregory's Catholic School Science College educates pupils and parents about cyberbullying through newsletters, their 'Parent Zone' and curriculum. The resource explores the school's resources for parents, mobile phone and behaviour polices as part of...

Alternative Provision

The aim of this Ofsted survey was to analyse the elements of successful alternative provision. Alternative provision has been defined as education outside school, arranged by local authorities or schools. For the purpose of this survey, alternative provision was defined as something in which a young person...

Key Teacher Attitudes

A presentation highlighting seven strategies for behaviour management.

Toolkit Talks: Social and Emotional Learning

This Toolkit Talks video covers social and emotional learning.

Professor Steve Higgins, of Durham University and Camilla Nevill from Education Endowment Foundation discuss research into the social and emotional aspects of learning and how this is implemented in teaching practice.

The minute...

Below the Radar: Low Level Disruption in the Country's Classrooms

This report from Ofsted looks at low level classroom disruption. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) raised concerns about low-level disruption in schools in his Annual Report 2012/13. As a consequence, guidance to inspectors was tightened to place greater emphasis on this issue in routine inspections. In addition...

Learning Behaviour Principles and Practice - What Works in Schools

This report aimed to identify practical examples of good practice that promote good behaviour and that can be adopted by all schools. The authors identified aspects of practice that create the right conditions for good behaviour to be learnt. The authors further comment that whilst school staff work hard to support...

School Detention: Managing Poor Behaviour - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at how St Gregory's Catholic Science College uses weekend detentions to deter behaviour. The resource explores the Saturday detentions and the visibility of senior staff, as part of the managing behaviour and bullying in schools case studies.

Students Who Just Say NO

Students who refuse to follow instructions are among the most challenging disruptions in the classroom. Leading behaviour for learning expert Bill Rogers demonstrates how to deal with the student who says "no", retain classroom control and overcome the issues.

Reducing Exclusions of Black Pupils from Secondary Schools: Examples of Good Practice

Her Majesty’s Inspectors visited nine schools and one pupil referral unit that had been judged outstanding for behaviour in their most recent Ofsted inspection to find out about their behaviour policies and to discuss exclusion. The evidence gathered from these visits is presented in this report as good practice...

Identifying Bullying in Schools - Case Study

This managing bullying in schools document from the Department of Education looks at how Saint Benedict Academy identifies bullying through anonymous email reports. The resource explores the school's 'Hero' email system to identify bullying and other strategies that raise awareness of bullying, as part of the...


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