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Rockin' Crystals

In this activity, students are challenged to put on a show – either a live stage show or a recorded television show – to give a theatrical Earth science demonstration. Several demostrations are suggested for students to master: Growing crystals 1. Crystals from melts 2. Crystals from vapour 3. Crystals from...

Genius Inventions

This pack explores some of the inventions and discoveries that have had a significant impact on the human race. The discussions and experiments will be complemented by Twig Science films and quizzes.

Inventing the telescope: Telescopes let us see remote...

Mission to Mars

In this DIY Faraday Challenge, students are asked to work in teams to design and construct the rocket which will transport supplies via Earth orbit to the astronauts on Mars. They are also required to build a system to transport the rocket to the launch site. Students must also show high manufacturing quality...

Flood Defence

Students work in teams to design and make a prototype device that can design and make a prototype of a simple device (to be sold in stores like B&Q) that will allow homeowners to remove water from their house during periods of flooding.

In this challenge the device will have to move 100ml of water from...

A future STEM

There is a world of opportunities in STEM. Discover STEM heroes who have made a difference in our lives, think critically about how STEM careers are portrayed in films and TV and explore different ways to get into a STEM career.

Overhead or underground?

Inspired by the Born to Engineer video from Faye Banks, an engineer who works on the UK electrical network, this resource supports students to increase their understanding of engineering and the design decisions that electrical engineers have to make when creating a new electrical network.


Materials testing, engineering a football boot

Inspired by the Born to Engineer video from Sam Fraser, an engineer who combines his love for engineering with a passion for football, this resource supports students to increase their understanding of materials engineering, including materials testing, design and material properties (Hooke’s Law, shear,...

Building services engineer

Angela helped bring London's King's Cross railway station - one of the UK's busiest stations - up to date and make it a pleasant place to work or wait for a train.

Design your parachute - A guide to landing your CanSat safely

This resource gives students a brief overview of the different options available when building a parachute for the CanSat Competition. Students will learn about the underlying physics of parachutes and their design and how to control the speed of their CanSat. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand...

Communicating with Radio - Ground control to major CanSat

To understand how everyday devices like mobile phones, routers and satellites work, we need to understand what radio waves are and how we can transmit information with them. Radio communication is one of the key elements in our CanSat. All the data needed for our scientific experiment will be sent from the CanSat...


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