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Tools to help schools engage with research and in enquiry

This paper, from April 2016, looks at how there is a growing interest and desire amongst teachers, policy-makers and others for teaching practice to be better aligned to research findings.

NFER has developed a range of products and services designed to help schools engage with research and in enquiry. This...

Joined up STEM – does it benefit the students? How teacher researchers might find out

Published in May 2016, this paper by David Barlex identifies the following key points:

1. The differences between STEM subjects are legitimate and need to be respected

2. By teaching in the light of STEM …  Learning in the STEM subjects can enhance one another. This requires planning but...

How to enhance CPD to maximise the measurable impact on students’ achievement in science

This research was Published in 2014 and presented at the ESERO 2013 Conference.

The purpose of any teacher continuing professional development (CPD) is to ensure a positive change in pupils’ outcomes, yet the evaluative evidence to support this relationship is often weak or missing. Using the CPD programme...

Final evaluation of the National Science Learning Centre

Published in June 2013, this report from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) presents the findings from an investigation into the impact on students of the subject-specific CPD undertaken by teachers at the National Science Learning Centre.

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and...

The most able students: examining failure to achieve

Ofsted survey report investigating why many of the most able students from non-selective schools fail to achieve their potential.

Using frames to support learning

Helen Walker and Karen Ashforth from Birley Community School share their ideas to assist students with special educational needs in their understanding of key ideas through a structured and visual approach.  The department developed an A3 laminated writing frame which would overlay...

Final report of the Commission on assessment without levels

DfE Advice for schools on assessment after the removal of the national curriculum levels system for grading children.

Pages 20-24 cover the principles that underpin assessment policies.

Page 41 recommends what trainees should learn about assessment during their training.  

Page 38 onwards...

Faraday Challenges

Faraday Challenges are designed to promote team work, curiosity and raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, so are particularly relevant as part of an enrichment and enhancement programme built into your curriculum.

This guide, from triple science support,...

A strategic approach to CPD to maximise impact

This Powerpoint presentation from the May 2016 Research Conference looks at how research - be this delivered or stimulated by external interventions or through on-site collaborative inquiry processes - is a vital component of a school’s capacity for self –improvement, and that such...

Embedding evaluation in CPD for effective outcomes and higher impact

This Powerpoint presentation from the May 2016 Research Conference looks at the issues facing teachers in using evaluation in their CPD activities and illustrates how to do this more effectively.

Author: Irina Kudenko


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