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Supporting Scotland's STEM Education and Culture: Second Report

This report, published by the Science and Engineering Education Advisory Group in January 2012, addresses many of the challenges and opportunities arising in implementation of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) as it affects the delivery of STEM education and engagement. It examines the ways in which STEM...

Further Higher? Tertiary Education and Growth in the UK's New Economy

This report, from the University and College Union, evaluates the costs and benefits of higher and further education. Focusing on industrial strategy and innovation, the report argues that universities and colleges have a central role to play in the development of enterprise.

The UK’s future economic...

Human vs Hermes

This activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), introduces students to the ethical and moral issues of remote surgery.

It is intended that students will be able to:
• Understand what remote surgery is
• Appreciate that different groups of people may have different views on...

Power House

This video looks at the challenges of reducing global warming and carbon emissions. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a new boiler technology which has the potential to transform the way electricity is produced and distributed. This is currently used in industrial and commercial settings, but micro CHP could offer...

Working Together: Teaching Assistants and Assessment for Learning

The materials in this National Strategies resource help teaching assistants to develop their role in supporting assessment for learning (AfL) in the classroom by promoting and embedding good practice in partnership with teachers.

Throughout the resource, teaching assistants reflect on and evaluate their role...

Countdown to Computing (Summer 2014)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter focuses broadly on computing in primary schools, and contains articles covering:

*The new National Curriculum Programme of Study for Computing

*Designing a new computing curriculum in your school; adapting previous curriculum models


The Primary Challenge (Autumn 2013)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter focuses on teaching computing in primary schools, and contains articles covering:

*Pedagogy of computing in primary schools

*National curriculum programme of study

*Game design in the primary classroom

*Primary – secondary transition...

There Is No Them, Only Us (Summer 2013)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter contains articles covering:

*Computing in the national curriculum

*Computational thinking in the classroom

*Code Club

*Learning algorithmic thinking through dance

*Code Avengers

*Touch Develop

*The Behind the Screen...

D&T teachers CPD survey

Published in September 2010, this summary of an online survey looks at design and technology (D&T) teachers’ attitudes towards CPD.

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and evaluation research reports can be viewed here

Winners and losers

This resource helps students think about who the winners and losers are when making product choices.


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