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Mr Cripps' Guide to the Universe

KS2, KS3, GCSE Powerpoint animation about scale and sizes of various astronomical objects. 

How exactly do all of those astronomical things shape up? Which are bigger & which are smaller than others? This Powerpoint animation shows the relative sizes of planets, the solar system, our galaxy and beyond. ...

'Maths in Space' workshop

A series of three activities exploring the mathematics behind space exploration. The resources cover:

  • Estimating the distances involved in space
  • Communication/describing mathematical shapes- would students perform well during a space walk?
  •  Survival on the moon- calculation of...


Here is a timelapse video of cress seedlings.

This is easy to set up using a cardboard box with strategically placed holes - one for a lamp opposite the cress and one for an iPad camera giving a side view of the cress. Use the iMotion App. This video took less then an hour to film at 1 frame every 3 minutes...

Perspective Drawing

Here are some resources that I have used when teaching 1st and 2nd point perspective.

Be a Shrewd Chooser

In this Shell Centre activity, students research and provide expert consumer advice for clients in their class.

Students listen to a radio show on audiotape which contains a number of interviews with people who have just bought different items, and an interview with two students who have been involved in...

Plan a Trip

In this Shell Centre module students plan and undertake a class trip using costings, scheduling, surveys and everyday arithmetic.

In a card game simulation, groups undertake and record imaginary trips, encounter problems and errors of judgement, then seek to correct them by better planning. Groups share...

Produce a Quiz Show

In this Shell Centre modlue, Produce a Quiz Show, students devise, schedule, run and evaluate their own classroom quizzes.

This involves preparing, timing and testing questions using number and statistical concepts, planning room layouts, and scoring systems. Groups of students take it in turns to act out a...

Revised Nuffield Chemistry: Experiment Sheets II

The Laboratory Investigation sheets for Stage II of the first edition of Nuffield Chemistry were revised and republished as a single set of Experiment Sheets for Stage II in the second edition.

The sheets give instructions to...

Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments contains a varied collection of labcards and worksheets from which teachers can choose in order to build up a programme of chemistry practical work for use in the school laboratory. The labcards include labelled diagrams and questions which are designed to help guide students through the...


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