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Food Technology - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in the food industry. The food and drink industries are part of a chain linking farming and growing through to food processing, manufacture and finally to the sale of food in supermarkets and restaurants. This article describes some of the many career areas in food technology...

Food additives

A Catalyst article about food additives. Some additives are natural and some are manufactured by the chemical industry. Some, like vitamin C, can come from either natural or artificial sources. As with every other component of food all additives are chemicals. Even organic food can contain a certain number of...

Starting a Greener Revolution

A Catalyst article looking at strategies for ensuring that there is a plentiful food supply in the future and how this can be sustained.

The article looks at three main areas for scientific investigation:


*Pest control

*Genetic modification

It also looks at...


A Catalyst article about why human beings need salt (sodium chloride) in their diets to survive, but too much can be toxic. Where does salt come from, and what is it used for? This article looks at salt extraction and mining in England, the domestic and industrial uses of salt as well as its molecular structure....

Intensive Crop Production Systems

A Catalyst article explaining how much of the food that humans consume comes from systems in which large numbers of plants or animals are grown under closely controlled conditions, designed to maximise production. When they grow plants as crops farmers intervene in various ways to optimise growth, so that the food...

Is Salmon Good for You?

A Catalyst article examining if there are harmful chemicals in farmed fish. Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel contain plenty of protein, vitamins and the right sort of fats. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are released when fats are digested. The human body uses these fatty acids to...

Plants and Mineral Nutrients

A Catalyst article looking at the chemicals that are in plants and trees and the role they play in the life of the plant. Starting with photosynthesis the article moves onto naturally occurring chemicals and explains why plants need fertilisers. Growing salad crops hydroponically is also examined.


Nuffield Home Economics: food science

Food Science was one of the four topics that featured as a separate area of study in the Nuffield Home Economics course for students aged 14–16. The course was designed to help students understand the scientific principles underlying the practical work they would do in preparing and cooking food.

The course...

Food and Microbes

This book looks at several aspects of food and microbes:

* The microscope

* Fungi

* Bacteria

* Using microbes

* Damage to our food

* Stopping food damage

* Milk

* Food preservation

* Microbes in the kitchen

Food and Microbes was one of...

Nuffield Home Economics: Nutrition

Nutrition was one of the four topics that featured as a separate area of study in the Nuffield Home Economics course for students aged 14–16. The course emphasised the influence of food choice on health. The authors appreciated that entrenched attitudes to food and feeding are as likely to influence dietary...

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