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Three Dice

In this Nuffield probability activity students play a bingo-style game. To maximize their chances of winning, students must decide which numbers are most likely to occur when three dice are thrown and the scores are added.

The key processes developed in this activity are:

*Representing - identifying...

The Z Factor

In this Bowland assessment task, students determine how long it would take for the judges to see every act that auditioned for a talent show. Students are told the total number of acts to be seen and have to determine what other information is required to find a solution. They have to make sensible estimates where...

The Three Jugs Problem

This resource from, the Maths Careers website, asks students to solve a problem involving measures of water. The worksheet asks students to share a jug of water evenly with only two empty jars of differing sizes to use for the task.

The Next Giant Leap

This resource comprises of six activities which include: *Electrodes and electrolytes: students must plan an investigation into which combinations of electrodes and electrolytes will provide electricity. *Investigation solar panels: students need to plan an investigation into three factors that they think may...

The Greenest Route

This Cre8ate maths activity deals with the external costs of transport which affect society but which are not paid for by the transport users who cause them. Road, rail, air and water are compared. Mathematical connections involve working on inverse proportion, conversion calculations, compound percentage change...

The Best of the Best

This resource consists of the following activities: *A happy crew?: students must decide what attributes are needed for a good mission crew. *Fit for space?: this activity looks at pulse rates. Students must prepare a presentation on how a fitness test could be used to screen applicants to the astronaut programme...

Taxi Cabs

In this Bowland assessment task, students are asked to organise a trip to the airport for 75 people. A combination of small and large taxis can be used. Students are told how many people each taxi can hold and how much each taxi costs and are required to find the cheapest solution. Students select a suitable...

Supermarket Car Parks

These activities from Cre8ate maths explore the efficient use of space in car parks. These are two-dimensional ‘best fit’ problems which require logic and a systematic approach to find effective solutions. They give students the chance to devise and test out strategies using systematic trial-and-improvement...

Sunlight to energy

In this activity students make a Gratzel solar cell and generate electricity.

Resources required:

Requires purchase of a solar cell kit.


In this activity, students explore how to use the sun to tell the time and employ a range of mathematical skills to understand the theory and to construct a sundial for themselves. The case study is contextualised through a video about sundials and an interview given by a gnomonist who explains how mathematics is...


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