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Solar Math

This series of activities from NASA take a mathematical approach to looking at the Sun-Earth system. They are intended as supplementary problems for students looking for additional challenges in mathematics and physical science from age 11 to 16 years.

The problems were created to be authentic glimpses of...

Solar Images and Data

This resource contains three activities and accompanying teachers’ notes.

Picking out the details
Using images from the Hinode satellite and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, this activity requires students to use scale and unit conversions to learn more about the size and...

Solar cell in a drinking straw

In this activitiy students make a photoelectrochemical cell in a straw using drinking draws and raspberries.  A 45-60 minute activity. 

Resources required:

Drinking straws, solder wire, voltmeter and generally-available chemicals and equipment.


This resource was...

Soft Drinks

In this Bowland assessment task, students are presented with the results of two surveys aimed at determining whether a new drink was preferred by teenagers or adults. The task is to determine whether or not the two surveys were fair and to suggest improvements to the method of testing. Students are required to show...

Smoothie Box

In this Bowland assessment task, students are presented with an accurate drawing of a smoothie bottle. The task is to design a box that will hold twelve bottles. Students are required to measure significant parts of the bottle and use the results to help design the box, draw the net of the box, label the dimensions...

Silver Award: Squeaky Clean

These materials look at three possible projects that relate to cleaning products and tackling microbes that spread disease: * Communications project - students act as health promotion specialists trying to persuade people about the need to wash hands after using the toilet. * Practical project - students...

Silver Award: Future Travel

 These materials look at three possible projects that relate to sustainable transport:

* Communications project - students gather information and produce a balanced view on the costs and benefits of using hydrogen as fuel for vehicles.

* Practical project - students investigate the factors that affect...

Shopping Around

These cre8ate maths materials have been designed to support the teaching of mathematics at Key Stage Three, but can be used at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Four, in the context of a beauty salon.

Shape Folding Videos

These videos are taken from the Maths Careers website and demonstrate how to create a series of recognisable shapes from an A4 piece of paper. Each video lasts approximately 90 seconds, the shapes made include:

- Isosceles triangle

- Equilateral triangle

- Square

- Kites

- Rhombus...

Senior Challenges

These Senior Challenges from Mathematical Education on Merseyside were first produced as take home competitions aimed at Year Nine and Ten students.

Each of these yearly challenges contains about eight questions covering a wide range of mathematical topics set within problem solving or puzzle activities. The...


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