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Security Camera

A shop owner is to install a security camera in his shop to help prevent shoplifting. Students analyse a plan of the shop, using loci and construction to identify which shoppers are not in view of the camera and calculate what percentage of the shop is not covered. The second part of the activity requires students...

Seasonal science

Students devise, produce and perform a science show for parents or other students in the school. This can be related to particular events happening throughout the year. With guidance, students or children of any age can devise their own show.

School Holidays

In this Nuffield exploration, students consider what factors might affect the choice of dates for school holidays and use these to determine the holiday dates for an alternative school year.

The key processes developed through the activities include:

*Representing - deciding what factors to take into...

This collection includes a series of themed activities and resources suitable for use in STEM clubs.  

In addition, it includes an example of a STEM club scheme of work from Dagenham Park School, as well as a template suitable for use when planning activities for your own STEM club.

Scheduling Pilots

There are strict limits on the number of hours that pilots can work. A formula is given which is used to calculate 'stick' time, the actual working time for a flight with a scheduled flying time of t minutes. Students are required to use this formula to solve a number of problems posed. Students are asked to graph...

Scheduling Aircraft

The flight from Singapore from London takes 13 hours and 35 minutes. Given the take off time and the fact that Singapore is 7 hours ahead of London, students are asked to find the local time the plane lands in London. Students are posed a series of problems and tasks relating to other flights between Singapore and...

Save the World with STEM

How can STEM help us survive and thrive? From thinking about how diseases are spread or contained, to building a better skyscraper that can withstand earthquakes, this programme of activities explores both the practical and the hypothetical. Students are asked to explore the big question: Can we save the world with...

Save a Baby Kangaroo

In this activity students take on the role of an adult in the Australian Outback who whilst out horse riding finds a female kangaroo that has just been killed on the road by a passing truck. Her joey is still alive in her pouch. Through video clips, photographs and data, students become familiar with a range of...

Sampling, Data and Bias

This resource from Defence Dynamics presents the findings of a MORI poll in varied formats. Research is carried out regularly by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to track attitudes of the public towards the Armed Forces over time, looking at differences between different sectors of the population and areas of the...

Poster: 3D Printing Software

This poster describes how slicing software can be used to prepare a CAD model for 3D printing. It uses software specific to BeeVeryCreative, but has content applicable to many types of slicing software.


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