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Christmas ice cream

Here are the instructions for the 12th Challenge in the Series run by Team STEAM#99 (@Fulford School York).

Each team will need 1/2 a cup of cream, a large ice cream tub with hole cut in lid (to house cream cup) ice, salt, range...

Bridge Breakdown


Here are the instructions for the 11th Challenge in the Series run by Team STEAM#99 (Fulford School York).

Wooden block size apporx.75x25x12mm. Each team given 54 blocks and 45min time limit...

The Earth in Space

A Year 11 module from the Salters’ Key Stage Four double award science course. This module begins with revision of prior knowledge about stars, planets, moons and other bodies found in space. Students then consider gravity as the force which controls movement of bodies in space. They study the effect of gravity on...

Food for thought: food supplies

A Year Ten module from the Salters’ double award science course. A text activity on world food supplies introduces a series of experiments on photosynthesis and the role of chlorophyll. Experiments on the effects of nutrient deficiency leads to consideration of the use of fertilisers.

Preparation of nitrogen...

Alternative Methods for Experiments

As a new technician, when I have difficulty with a method currently used in school, I look for an alternative, more simple method.  I shall keep ones that I find useful here.

Design a Pocket Handwarmer

In this investigation, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, students use a supersaturated solution of ethanoate trihydrate to create a pocket handwarmer. When crystallised, an exothermic change takes place.  The resource is set out as teachers' notes followed by the students' page which presents the task to be...

Case Study: Landbased Technology

Produced for Future Morph, this short video shows the activities of a student studying a National Diploma in Land Based Technology at Bicton College. The student describes how the course develops skills in the maintenance and repair of machinery such as tractors, commercial vehicles and other agricultural...

Alternative protein tasting activity

lesson to understand the about alternative proteins through sensory analysis, research and a tasting activity of alternative proteins

Food safety and kofta practical


To understand the food safety principles when preparing, cooking and serving food

To know how to correctly use a food probe

To understand how to prevent cross contamination

•Activity: To make notes of all the possible areas that could contaminate food whilst...

Protein - denaturation and coagulation - egg experiment

•Practical investigation: frying eggs
•Science theory lesson on eggs
•Activity: Egg Fact Sheet


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