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Careers in robotics: engineers - technicians

The robotics industry needs capable, imaginative professionals ready to build upon the achievements of the past and create the robots of the future. Robotics engineers are serious dreamers who look at challenges as nothing but tiny speed bumps on the way to the next big breakthrough. Their successes not only move...

Building visions: construction industry council

Produced by CIC's Diversity Panel, Building Visions is a construction industry sponsored film showing some of the creative and inspiring career opportunities in the construction professions. In the film young professionals tell us about their projects and explain how they shape our surroundings to fit our...

Top careers in …. Trump games

Includes Engineering, Maths and Science. This is a trump-style card game used to promote a variety of STEM careers in a colourful and fun format. Trump your opponents with the skills point score on each career card.

Wind turbine services technician

A guide to what a wind turbine services technician does and how to become one.

Parent's guide to rearing scientists and engineers

A series of suggestions and activities for parents to consider for helping children pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). All countries needs more talented engineers and scientists, if we are to meet the technological challenges we face in the 21st century.

Dinosaur scientist: careers digging up the past

This book explores the science of and careers in paleontology using several examples of real-life scientists.


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