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Kitchen Science

From the Science Museum, this resource contains a booklet of science activities using everyday ingredients, with notes for teachers. The booklet contains step-by-step instructions for science activities and experiments that are safe and easy to do in the classroom or at home. The individual activities allow...

Demonstrations for the Christmas Dinner Table

In this National STEM Learning Centre and Network video, Simon Quinnell demonstrates four experiments, with the theme of Christmas, that teachers can do in the school laboratory.

These are:* Tea bag convection - see how a burning teabag mysteriously rises on convection currents in the air around it.* The...

Experiments in Science: Time Lapse Video

Richard Needham, from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, demonstrates how to use time lapse video to speed up action that would otherwise be either too slow to notice within a normal school science lesson, or to provide opportunities to explore gradual changes outside a classroom.

Examples of...

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