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This book looks at several aspects of biotechnology:

* Enzymes

* The food industry

* Our water supply

* Medical applications

* The chemical industry

* Using plants

The future Biotechnology was one of the Science at Work series. All the booklets in the series were...

Mastering Computer Programming

This resource explores the concept of computer programming. Although the book is from a different era of computer programs, the basic principles still hold true and the text contains a number of ideas and examples which may be adapted for use today. Each section of the book gives examples of code to illustrate the...

Further Computer Programming in Basic

This book emphasises the concepts, skills and techniques of programming and the importance of a disciplined approach to the task of designing and writing programs. Whilst the examples given are written in the high level language BASIC, the principles can be applied to more modern languages. The book consists of...

Comprehensive Computer Studies

This text book was written to support the teaching of Computer Studies when the subject was introduced into schools in the early 1980s. Whilst the programming languages of CESIL and BASIC are rarely used in school, the principles of computing they are used to convey could still have some relevance today. The topics...

Beginning RM LOGO

This archive document guides teachers introducing Logo to the computing classroom. While some sections may refer to outdated technologies, many of the techniques and learning outcomes remain relevant to users of any Logo platform.

The activities begin with simple drawing using the turtle and pen, and...

Computing Science

The objective of this book is to provide a grounding in all the major aspects of computing taken from the stand point of how computing was in the early 1980s. Whilst some of the sections are out of date, they have value in putting modern day computing into perspective. Other sections have value in that the basic...

Midlands Mathematical Experiment Volume Two CSE Part A

This book was designed to cover a course suitable for students studying for a CSE examination. The topics covered in the book are:

• [b]Order, Vectors and Chess[/b]: A recap of bearings leading to a definition of simple position vectors and notation of moves in Chess using vectors.

• [b]Fractions of...


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