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Wetsuits for paratriathletes

This challenge is an opportunity for students to explore, experiment and innovate whilst designing a specialised wetsuit for paratriathletes who need specialised equipment to allow them to compete. Whilst the development in technology of prosthetic limbs, racing wheelchairs and handcycles has been substantial, no...

Linking Textiles and Electronics at Key Stage Three

This set of course materials from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network were designed to build an understanding of how electronics can be combined with textiles at Key Stage Three, starting with simple circuits and leading to more complex programming and effects.

The practical sessions ran from week...

Energy Trilemma Activities

There is a delicate balance between the three main areas of our energy future; security, accessibility and sustainability. This is known as the energy trilemma. How we manage these areas is a tricky task.


Key Stage 4 Textiles Chooser Charts

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation chooser charts focusing on textiles.

Chooser charts help students make decisions about approaches to take for strategy
and communication. The chooser charts are particularly useful when students are tackling open-ended projects, such as capability tasks.

Key Stage Four Textiles Resource Tasks

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation resource tasks focusing on textiles.

Resource tasks are short, practical focused, activities designed to teach the resources for capability in a way which should intrigue and amuse students.

Textiles: Design Guides

A set of design guides for Key Stage Four focusing on textiles providing a straightforward way for students to become familiar with the sorts of questions they should ask when designing for a particular focus area.

The design guides can act as a stimulus for students who are having difficulty in deciding on...

Key Stage Four Textiles Capability Tasks

A set of Key Stage Four Nuffield Foundation capability tasks focusing on the design, making and evaluation of textile products.

For students to develop and reveal their capability longer more open tasks requiring designing, making and evaluating are necessary. Sometimes these activities are referred to as...

Fabric Fires

The Fabric Fires activity for Key Stage Three students looks at how different fabrics catch fire and burn. Students are asked to first consider the commonest reasons for fires in the home. They then test and compare a fabric and a cotton wool ball, firstly when untreated and then having first soaked them in a fire...

Medical Compression

In this activity, students investigate the uses of materials and fabrics in medical applications, such as pressure bandages for burns injuries and anti-embolism stockings for deep vein thrombosis. The students make their own pressure sensor using different types of fabric. They then calibrate their sensor and...


TechDoodles are quick activities that can be used as starters, plenaries, homework, revision activities or as a focus for a whole lesson. They can be worked on by individual students or in teams. They can be self or peer assessed as the answers are in small type down the side of the page. The resources cover...


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